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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Is it time to buy? TSP tips: Buy high, sell low, right?

TSP tips: Buy high, sell low, right?

Snippet of Article: "...People who stuck with the U.S. stock index funds during the recession and recovery, and who continued to buy even though the market was down, got a happy surprise. When the markets recovered, their TSP balances soared. For several years, they had been buying low...Many stock market forecasters said a victory by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton would crash the U.S. stock markets. It didn’t happen..."

Source: federalnewsradio.com

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Are you a Trump Hater and listened to the emotional 'haters', pulling money out of riskier TSP funds, opting for the secure, low-performing 'G' Fund? Big mistake, huh? Will you miss out again by not buying the current dip? These basic investment principles are tried and tested: Buy low, sell high, diversify, Invest for the long-term. What did Warren Buffett do when Trump won the election? The opposite of what most Obama/Clinton lovers did. Warren Buffett bought $12 billion of stock after Trump won

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