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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A great federal employee recruitment technique: New hires will owe retroactive pension contribution payments

Article Title: New Feds Will Owe the Government Retroactive Pension Contribution Payments …

Snippet of Article: "...workers hired in 2014 will owe back payments retroactive to when they came on board. These debts will be collected from the employees’ paychecks in up to $25 increments until the balance is paid back in full. ..."

Source: www.govexec.com

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Postal Service seems to think it can do whatever it wants; YOUR historic Post Offices are being sold!

Article Title: ACHP to report on disposal of historic post offices this week; the sales go on

Snippet of Article: "...Individual communities have had an equally hard time getting information from the Postal Service. Rather than cooperating with communities, the Postal Service seems to think it can do whatever it wants. For example, the La Jolla Historical Society said that its efforts to get involved with purchasing the post office were stymied at every step, even with members of Congress trying to help. ..."

Source: www.savethepostoffice.com Historic Post Offices for sale,

Monday, April 14, 2014

5% pay cut and an end to social security supplement? That's what your politicians want for federal workers

That's ok federal workers! Just continue to keep silent and don't worry about writing the president and your congressmen and this will happen.

Article Title: House approves budget that would save money by taking from federal workers

Snippet of Article: "...Ryan’s plan would make the majority of federal employees pay 5.5 percentage points more toward their retirement program with no increase in benefits. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), the top Democrat on the Budget Committee, called this “a straight-out 5 percent pay cut.”..."

Source: www.washingtonpost.com