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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Formerly furloughed federal worker claims $29.5M jackpot

Formerly furloughed federal worker claims $29.5M jackpot

Snippet of Article: "...who had been a furloughed federal employee, finally claimed her $29.5 million jackpot..."

Source: www.ajc.com

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Support This Now: New Social Security Legislation Introduced

New Social Security Legislation Introduced

Snippet of Article: "...This looming problem is due to the cap on payroll taxes at $132,900, meaning each person only pays the 12.4 percent Social Security tax up to that amount, no matter how much income they earn. The vast majority of workers pay the full 12.4 percent on most of their income – Jeff Bezos, by comparison, pays about .00028 percent of his income. Sen. Sanders’s bill, first introduced in the Senate in 2017, would remove this cap, and require those making over $250,000 per year to pay full Social Security taxes. The bill also includes a new 6.2 percent tax on single people with investment income above $200,000 and couples above $250,000. In addition to keeping Social Security fully solvent, the bill would increase benefits for all Social Security recipients, provide higher cost-of-living..."

Source: www.apwu.org

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Friday, February 15, 2019

The Law Will Be on President Trump’s Side If He Declares an Emergency to Fund His Wall

The Law Will Be on Trump’s Side If He Declares an Emergency to Fund His Wall

Snippet of Article: "... 'Good government,' Hamilton explained in Federalist No. 70, requires “energy in the executive,' which is 'essential to the protection of the community from foreign attacks' and 'the steady administration of the laws.' In this case, the web of congressional authorizations and emergency powers does not contradict the constitutional scheme, but instead amplifies it. Not only do presidents still have some reservoir of constitutional authority to declare emergencies, but Congress has seen fit to enhance it with the right to re-allocate spending to support such a declaration. Despite the pleas of administration critics, the Supreme Court will almost certainly agree..."

Source: www.nationalreview.com

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